Fine Dining at Home from Top Nottingham Chef Hira Thakur

On yet another lockdown Saturday night we enjoyed a very special meal at home thanks to the extremely talented Nottingham chef Hira Thakur. Hira works at Restaurant Six at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, however, during… View Post

A Taste of Cornwall at Home with a Meal Box from Celebrity Chef Rick Stein

Mention Rick Stein and most people will think of Cornwall and seafood, and that is exactly what I was expecting when we had a Stein’s at Home box! Of all the ‘at home’ meal boxes… View Post

Dining At Home With Devonshire Hotels’ Duchess’s Choice Meal Box

If we can’t go out to a restaurant we will bring the restaurant to us – with the help of Devonshire Hotels and their wonderful food box! Last year (when we were allowed out the… View Post

Michelin star dining at home with Peels on Wheels

Hampton Manor is home to Peels, a one Michelin star restaurant. We have been lucky enough to eat at the restaurant twice and both times had an amazing dining experience. On a dark December Friday… View Post

DIY Pizza Kit From The Rustic Crust

Opening a new restaurant must be a huge task, but opening a new restaurant in 2020 and then having a pandemic hit the country, well, that is something you can’t prepare for! Rustic Crust in… View Post