Morley Hayes – Derbyshire

You know some people are really hard to buy presents for? Well I don’t think I am one of those people. I received this lovely gift recently, a voucher for champagne breakfast at a nearby… View Post

Bespoke Design Experience – Roseanna Croft Jewellery

The peak district is such a beautiful part of the world and is home to so many fantastic independent businesses from clothing boutiques to craft shops to trendy bars and restaurants. But in picturesque Bakewell… View Post

Formula 1 – Silverstone

Formula 1, a sport known worldwide which has a loyal following and watched on TV by millions! Mr B has been a fan since he was young, but never made it to watch a  race… View Post

Cultural Lunch – Dubai

As I’ve said to lots of people, when Mr B and I were planning our holiday to Dubai we both felt we really wanted to learn more about the culture, so when we found the… View Post

Nakama – Nottingham

My home city of Nottingham has lots of really nice restaurants, but not many WOW restaurants. You know the kind? The ones that take you on a journey of flavours and get you really excited… View Post