Bars and Drinks At The Riu Caribe

One thing is for sure, Mr B and I were never thirsty when we stayed at the Riu Caribe!

We thought the hotel had an excellent choice of drinks and we really enjoyed the bars which were open in the day and the evening.

First off, we didn’t even have to leave our room to enjoy a drink! As well as our extremely well stocked in-room mini bar which gave us the choice of gin, tequila, vodka, rum and beers along with a selection of mixers, we loved starting the day with a coffee from our in-room coffee machine. A coffee in hand watching the Mexican sunrise is a pretty great way to start off the day!

Sports bar – open 24hrs a day

I really loved the freshly made coffee at the sports bar, which was my go-to place for a caffeine hit in the morning. I had a few well-made lattes and espressos. A few times in the day when we were making our way back to our room we would stop at the sports bar to enjoy the air con and an ice cold Sprite.

In the evening it was always buzzing with life and I enjoyed (more than) a few excellent margaritas whilst Mr B often sipped away on a Manhattan.

Kahlo pool bar and swim-up bar – open 10am until 6pm

In the day we could often be found relaxing on the beach and with the Kahlo pool bar only a few steps away we usually popped there to grab a refreshment.

I worked my way through a good selection of day time drinks with my top cocktails being a refreshing margarita or a mudslide, what I like to call an adult milkshake!

Depending on what my tastebuds fancied, I could also often be found enjoying a nice cold glass of fizz or a Kir Royale.

On the beach Mr B would often be cooling off with a refreshing cold Dos Equis which was available on draught or if a cocktail was calling his name it would most likely be a mojito.

The swim-up bar was also very popular, with the bartenders whipping up any cocktail you asked for. There was a menu with a selection of cocktails, however, we never really looked at the menu and never once did we order a cocktail that no one knew how to make, or said we couldn’t have it.

When we weren’t in the pool relaxing at the swim-up bar or on the beach we would instead be lazing on a sun lounger by the pool. You could, of course, go to the bar to fetch your own drinks, but you also didn’t have to as there was a drinks trolley which came around regularly. We thought this was a great idea and one we made great use of!

Frida lobby bar – open 10am until midnight

We didn’t often frequent Frida’s in the day, but it was our favourite place to go in the evening for pre and post-dinner cocktails!

We loved the open airy lobby – there was a great selection of seating. A few times we sat at the bar and spent the night sipping away, enjoying watching the team expertly whip up many a cocktail.

Other times we took a seat at one of the tables and had a (competitive) card game whilst quenching our thirst.

They made me many a perfect Cosmopolitan (I most definitely lost count of the amount I enjoyed during the week!).

Mr B discovered a love of a caipirinha, very refreshing and sharp with lime.

When we were fancying something a little sweet I ordered a white Russian whilst Mr B would have a brandy Alexander.

On a few occasions we both enjoyed an after-dinner espresso martini.

Calypso – open 6pm until 11pm

The theatre bar is one we didn’t venture to as we preferred to relax in the evening with our own company, but the bar would whip you up cocktails and other drinks to have whilst enjoying the entertainment on offer at the theatre.

If you are visiting Riu Caribe you won’t have to look far to enjoy something to quench your thirst!

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