Lunch at Aubaine Marylebone

Arriving at the beautiful Aubaine Marylebone for lunch on a Saturday, the restaurant was full and buzzing with life.

After a warm welcome and being shown to our table we were soon eyeing up the menu whilst sipping on a cool crisp glass of champagne.

We arrived for an early lunch and I was saying to Mr B on our drive from Nottingham to London how I was in the mood for brunch, so I was delighted when I saw the ‘Brunchy’ section on the menu!

We chose two starters and decided to share them. We had the ‘Calamars frits with paprika, chilli, spring onion, lime aioli’ and the ‘Burrata with butternut squash purée, truffle honey, red chicory, pumpkin seeds’.

The calamari was lovely and crisp and the seasoning all worked really well with the dish. Each mouthful had a gentle punch of heat and the zest from the aioli, of course, worked really well with the squid.

Burrata is one of those things I can rarely resist ordering, I love the creamy taste and texture. With the sweetness from the butternut squash and earthiness from the truffle, it was a delightful dish.

We asked for a recommendation on the wine and we enjoyed a fantastic and easy-drinking Sancerre which went very well with our lunch.

For my main I ordered the Croque monsieur which was made with brioche. This gave it a wonderful light texture and made this dish even richer. There is a reason this is a classic French dish – the combination of the French ham, gruyere cheese and bechamel sauce is so tasty. I added the optional fried egg to mine, too.

Mr B ordered the lobster and prawn roll. It had a generous amount of the lovely poached lobster and juicy prawns, with the mildly flavoured Japanese mayonnaise. The shellfish was most definitely the star of this dish.

For dessert I ordered the pistachio éclair, I adore pistachio desserts and you don’t see them all too often. The choux pastry was lovely and light and was filled with a smooth crème patisserie. A warm pistachio sauce was poured over the éclair tableside. It is safe to say I did not leave a morsel of this dish! Absolutely delicious!

Mr B opted for the chocolate and cherry tart. The buttery chocolate pastry held such a rich and indulgent filling and the hot sauce was poured onto the chocolate shell so it slowly oozed onto the tart. Safe to say Mr B could not wait to tuck into it and enjoyed his dessert as much as I enjoyed mine.

Not only did we have an utterly delicious and indulgent lunch, we also found the service extremely friendly and attentive. There is a reason this gem on Moxon Street is so popular.


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