My Top 5 Things to do in Bangkok

Visit the Grand Palace We were told by so many people and read everywhere we had to visit the Grand Palace. We were sceptical . . . what could be that special about it?  Well… View Post

Vanguards Nightriders Tour – Bangkok

Mr B and I knew we wanted to see as much of Bangkok as we could during our three nights in the city, but what we really wanted was to see the real Bangkok, away… View Post

Small Teak Boat Canal Tour – Bangkok

Among all the skyscrapers and in between the bustling traffic of Bangkok are a network of canals which show you another side to this amazing city. Many of the canals have been paved over to… View Post

The Rembrandt – Bangkok

Bangkok is a city bustling with life. For our base we wanted somewhere with a good location to get around the city and one which had a pool for us to relax in after our… View Post
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