Cultural Lunch – Dubai

As I’ve said to lots of people, when Mr B and I were planning our holiday to Dubai we both felt we really wanted to learn more about the culture, so when we found the… View Post

Nakama – Nottingham

My home city of Nottingham has lots of really nice restaurants, but not many WOW restaurants. You know the kind? The ones that take you on a journey of flavours and get you really excited… View Post

Desert Safari – Dubai

When you are in Dubai with all the glistening skyscrapers and surrounded by luxury it’s easy to forget how close you are to the desert. But it is something Mr B and I wanted to… View Post

Considering animal welfare when travelling

This month’s travel link up is inspired by Polly, who even through extremely tough and testing times manages to brighten everyone’s day and is always thinking of others. She started an amazing #spreadalittlesunshine campaign on social media… View Post

Afternoon Tea at the Burj Khalifa – Dubai

When you are going to have luxury afternoon tea in the world’s tallest building you know it is going to be spectacular, but it wasn’t only that, for both Mr B and I it was… View Post