Finish at Home Meals from Oblix at The Shard

Dining in one of the most iconic buildings in our capital is most definitely on my restaurant bucket list, but whilst I have not yet made it to The Shard, I did get to experience the fantastic food served at Oblix thanks to their finish-at-home meal boxes. 

What differentiated this meal box from the many others we have enjoyed recently was the freedom to pick your own menu. There are many mouth-watering main courses to choose from dry-aged steaks, lobster and crab linguini to veal osso bucco. It’s up to you if you want to include a starter, dessert or sides. I like that Oblix give you the freedom to choose how much or little you want to order and give you the option to pick and choose from what you like and don’t like.  

For our starter we shared the ‘Burrata, Datterini tomatoes, olives, basil and balsamic vinegar’. I love burrata, who doesn’t? Everything was very well packaged and they provided everything you needed for this course, including the butter and even the rock salt.  

The burrata was lovely and creamy and, of course, the classic combination of tomatoes and basil was a match made in heaven. You also get a ciabatta with this course which made me very happy – as far as I’m concerned every meal should come with bread! It just simply needed warming up in the oven for a few minutes. As this was a cold starter everything else couldn’t have been easier to prepare and plate. 

Our main course, or should I say ‘courses’, were pure indulgence. We chose a sharing main of ‘Wagyu beef wellington, red wine sauce’ and had our own version or surf and turf by also ordering the ‘Whole lobster, lemon verbena and garlic butter’.  

There was no prep required for either which was great. I was worried about overcooking these dishes, but for the beef wellington you are provided with a thermometer which was excellent as I think without it, it would have ended up with undercooked pastry or overcooked meat! The thermometer made the wellington a doddle to cook and I was quite impressed you get this included in the order.  

The lobster simply goes in the oven in its foil tray and I think the key was basting it in the lovely butter which you are advised to do on the instruction card.  

We opted for two sides which were both very generous portions! We had the truffle mash potato as I am a huge lover of anything with truffle in. The other side we opted for was the creamy four cheese macaroni with parmesan crumb. 

Once plated up we were both impressed with the look and smell of our mains. The beef wellington was utter perfection. The pastry was flaky and buttery and the meat was tender and full of flavour. I would most definitely order this again – the ease of cooking, the wow factor when carving and then the incredible taste made this a clear winner for both Mr B and I.  

The lobster was another big success. The meat was sweet and juicy and, bathed in the garlic butter, was sheer heaven! The sides worked well with both mains and the creamy truffley mash was a clear favourite for me. I was not disappointed with the use of truffle, which I sometimes am when something declares it has truffle and you can barely taste it! I could smell the truffle in the mash so knew there was a generous amount in there.  

The mac ‘n’ cheese added another level of richness to the meal and delivered on the cheese pull which I always look for in a super cheesy dish!  

There wasn’t one fault with this utterly divine meal. It was easy to prepare and really delivered on the wow factor, but most importantly delivered on the quality of ingredients and the taste. 

With only one course left, pretty full tummies and high expectations, we were ready for our dessert which was ‘Chocolate, caramel and almond fondant, Madagascan vanilla custard’. The fondants went in the oven whilst we warmed up the custard on the hob.  

Popping the fondants out the foil moulds, I was praying for a gooey centre. I loved the branded chocolate shards which decorated the top of the fondant.  

We were delighted when the fondant passed the ooze test with flying colours! Diving into it with my spoon, out flowed a sexy river of rich, molten chocolate. Pouring on the sweet vanilla custard, I could not wait to devour this dessert!  

What a meal! I love the choice Oblix give you when ordering your box and the ability to create your own menu. We opted for very indulgent dishes and I was impressed with the ease of cooking and how little to no prep they required.  

This is one special dine-at-home box and if the food is this good when eating it at home, I can only imagine how good the food will be when we one day visit Oblix at The Shard.



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